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If I could have dinner with three guests of my choice, who would they be? 

God, but that seat may be empty. The devil - easy; we may have shared many meals together already. Interesting and, likely, entertaining. 

Also, an angel, yet do they exist? I may just end up eating with the devil, with both of us hoping that the other two join! 

If my choice were historic figures, who would I invite? Socrates, Confucius and Rumi. Three deep, soulful minds, which filled the consciousness of different cultures. Their questions and 

wisdom resonates with us today and have shaped our civilizations. We may have progressed technologically and improved standards of living, yet are we better, more evolved humans? 

Who that is alive today would be their equivalent? Likely fairly unknown figures, just like those three were at their times, and who’s wisdom will resonate and be discovered only in years to come.

2022-03-22 3:47 am
March 22, 2022
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