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Universal Basic Capital


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New Capitalism

Equity participation for all individuals and nations - on blockchain, pooled as SWFs

Ability to borrow against present and future value of equity in SWFs/savings accounts 

Sources of funding for individuals and the state:

Equity in businesses (pooled in SWFs, but personalized for individuals)

Savings: both voluntary and mandatory form (« superannuation « model )

Taxes: relatively low income taxes on individuals and companies 

           relatively high estate taxes 

           property taxes on non-agricultural land

Income, wages and investment returns for individuals.)

Uses of SWFs and savings plans:

Government budget : education, health, basic housing (Singapore model), infrastructure, R &D, defense.

Savings plans can be used for personal uses during lifetime for education, healthcare, housing, etc...

All individuals tokenized to participate in the economy, on the blockchain as well is given digital currency to participate from the start 

Nations and individuals have balance sheets

Equity value of individuals:


Future earnings 

Equity value of nations:




Liabilities of individuals and nations : 

Physical cost, environmental liability 

Technology: deflationary 

Climate: inflationary for now 

Most important investments: 

intellectual resources both science and humanities, infrastructure and R & D - financed long term 

World digital currency 


World trade evolution: hard to trade > trade > fungible/digital. Increased velocity and deceased friction. 

World finance evolution: no physical ownership > physical ownership > mortgages > digital assets and finance well into the future - not tied to physical life. Increased velocity, financability and tradability. 

New world:

Physical: liability

Digital: asset

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April 23, 2021
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