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New Democracy


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New Democracy

Governing board : moral power 

Roving presidency


2 Houses:

Parliament :

Elected directly by voters - responsive to them. No political party affiliations. 

+ lottery representatives 


Appointed representatives.  No political party affiliations. 

+ lottery representatives 

Executive :

prime minister

Non-parliamentarian, non-senator 

Appointed by Houses

Forms cabinet 

Cabinet members to be approved by Houses 

Independent professional bureaucracy 

Deliberative polling bodies to respond on issues 

Referendums on some issues 

People’s representatives going up a ladder from local to nationwide 

Government representatives going down a ladder from national to local 

Independent judiciary 
Independent central bank
Separation of church and state
Independent civic board

to discuss and recommended on societal issues 

Some principles and policies :

Government as a service organization 

Government personnel rewarded competitively to attract talent 

Mandatory communal civic service throughout life

Minimums for everyone (access to basic goods and services)

Capitalist with shared ownership and participation from start (Predistribution/Universal Basic Capital)

Technology to empower with least harm objective

Freedom and protection of individuals 

Civic duty

Review of unintended effects from all new laws proposed 

Periodic review of laws to access relevance to update or revoke

Minimum national standards for key services - the rest devolved locally 

Military for defense only

No money in politics - elections, referendums

Political parties are allowed but don’t engage in elections 

Mandatory voting

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April 23, 2021
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